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Where the care of you and your family is our first priority.
John P. Gerace, M.D.
Seamus Walsh, D.O.
Matthew Blazek, M.D.
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    My Family Practice considers itself
    an "old-fashioned" type of medical
    practice where the patient still comes
    first.  We are dedicated to spending the
    necessary time to provide the highest-
    quality, up-to-date and comprehensive
    medical care to treat and prevent
    illnesses in you and your family.

    "Family Practice" is the medical
    discipline dedicated to the front-line
    assessment, diagnosis, treatment and
    prevention of illness in you and your
    family.  By caring for  patients from
    birth throughout the life cycle we get to
    know the "whole" person.  By knowing
    the "whole" person, My Family
    Practice, can consider the patient's
    complete medical history, family
    medical history and current situation in
    assessing the present medical situation
    and identifying appropriate and treatment

    My Family Practice encourages
    patients to participate in their medical
    care by sharing with Dr. Gerace and Dr.
    Walsh all possible information and by
    asking the doctor any questions you
    have in order to clarify what is necessary
    for the best possible medical care.
Dr. John P. Gerace
Dr. Seamus Walsh
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Dr. Matthew Blazek
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